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Virtual Reality

According to a recent Nielsen study, Virtual Reality content engages users for 34% longer and leads to a 27% higher emotional engagement than 2D Media. 

In partnership with our clients AURORA explores commercial applications of Virtual Reality including v-Commerce, Virtual Reality Tours, Virtual Reality Store Architecture, Sourcing to Store Experiences, Simulated Experiential Training & Brand Storytelling.   All activated through VR Headsets, Social Media & WebVR.


Why Choose Aurora Virtual Reality Background Image
Why Choose Aurora Virtual Reality Background Image

Commercial Applications

  • Virtual Tours & Experiences 

  • Virtual Stores of the Future

  • v-Commerce 

  • Virtual Training 

  • 3D Retail Architecture

“Danone Nutricia has been exploring virtual reality with AURORA over the past 2 years, creating immersive retailer engagement experiences for FMCG & Pharmacy. Our VR Collaborative design platform allows us to visualize space, range, POS & NPD. Tailoring stores with our retail partners and gaining insights on how shoppers would navigate the complex tailored nutrition category” Dean Calder Head of Sales Australia Danone

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