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AURORA is an immersive technology company. We design, build & explore new frontiers of METAVERSE, Virtual & Augmented Reality. These immersive technologies illuminate the human experience and create deep emotional connections for companies and brands. 


Winner of Westpac's Top Businesses of the Future 2017 (Ranked 34 out of 2,000 Companies in the Australian Financial Review)

AURORA is an immersive technology production company of XR Storytellers, FilmMakers, 3D Animators and AR/VR Design Engineers. Our partnerships & alliances gives us access to future technology, building new world's where anything is possible. 

We design content for clients through META for Business, WEBAR, WEBVR, WEB3.0 and VR Headsets. Our ATLASSIAN AR campaign had over 9,000 activations in one day using WEBAR Portals & Social Filters. Our PURE 360 Tourism NZ Campaign had over 8 million views on Facebook, Youtube and Online.

In partnership with Samsung we create B2B strategies utilising VR Headsets to provide immersive experiences such as, Retailer Engagement, Channel Strategies and Shopper Experiences.

Our Augmented Reality Platforms for retailers & brands can activate customer experiences through image recognition off any Media, POS & Packaging. 3D Animated Characters or AR Magic Doors creating immersive experiences for customers that are out of this world. 

Our production team includes Creative & Film Directors, 360 DOPs, CGI & VFX Artists, AR/VR Engineers, Drone Pilots, Digital Artists & Developers. 

Company Values

Our values are built on creating a sustainable future through social enterprise. As such we consult with charities to connect brands & retailers with shoppers to generate fundraising for global and local communities. 

AURORA is passionate about working with companies to explore immersive technologies. Book a VR/AR Discovery Session today!

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