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Soccer World Cup Virtual Reality Events

Working in collaboration with TAB & IdeaShed, AURORA developed a Virtual Reality Soccer World Cup Event Activation for venues across Australia. This was Australia's first untethered VR Platform with TP Cast Wireless Adapters integrated with HTC VIVE Motion Controllers for free wireless VR. 

  • Motion Trackers for Striker Mode
  • Wireless Adapters for Free VR Gaming
  • Licensed Venue Event Gamification

Project Overview

The TAB Corp VR Activation was across license venues throughout the Soccer World Cup. In an Australia first AURORA integrated TP Cast Wireless Adapters with HTC VIVE Motion Controllers wireless free VR experience. In Striker Mode customers would strap on Motion Controllers to shoot for goal. Whilst in Goalie Mode they would use Goalie Gloves to save the football. Gamification at each event drove high levels of engagement. 

Project Information

  • Project :   TAB Corp Soccer World Cup VR Events
  • Client :   IDEASHED
  • Duration :   4 WEEKS
  • Date :   June - July 2018

Australia's First HMD Untethered VR Event Activation

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