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Danone - Collaborative Design Platform

Retailer Engagement & Collaborative Category Design live in Virtual Reality

"Danone Nutricia has been exploring virtual reality with AURORA over the past 2 years, creating immersive retailer engagement experiences for FMCG & Pharmacy.   Our VR Collaborative design platform allows us to visualize space, range, POS & NPD. Tailoring stores with our retail partners and gaining insights on how shoppers would navigate the complex tailored nutrition category” Dean Calder Head of Sales Australia Danone

Project Overview

Tailored Nutrition is a highly complex category both for customers & shoppers to navigate. So we built a Collaborative Design Platform in VR to work side by side with retailers to formulate a new design for the category which could be tailored live.

Incorporating POGs, Data & Insights to showcase the first 1,000 Days from Pregnancy to Toddler age to demystify the shopper journey through virtual reality. 

We have also built Terry White Pharmacies to showcase new store formats & designs.

Project Information

  • Project :   Collaborative Design
  • Client :   Danone
  • Duration :   2 weeks per project
  • Date :   2017

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