Aurora Virtual Reality


360 3D 8K Film

A new immersive way of storytelling & sensory experiences. 360 Film allows us to see the world as it is naturally whilst providing the viewer control to choose their own adventure.

AURORA has developed new frontiers of CGI & VFX in 360 film with unique quadrant cutting & motion tracking techniques.

Our Tourism NZ campaign “Pure 360” had 8 million views, we also live streamed World Vision Youth Conferences in 360 to schools nationally.

Why Choose Aurora Virtual Reality Background Image
Why Choose Aurora Virtual Reality Background Image

Commercial Applications

  • Immersive Storytelling

  • Tourism & Travel Experiences 

  • Brand Engagement 

  • Sourcing /Origin Stories 

  • Facebook & Social Media 

  • Digital & Web VR

“AURORA were able to capture immersive 360-degree videos using our KeyMission 360 to create new ways of storytelling'' John Young Nikon

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